meghan way stinson

Dancer. Master Teacher. Choreographer. Adjudicator. World Traveler.

"Meghan Way Stinson is one of the most energetic, sincere, and passionate teachers/persons I have worked with.  You cannot leave her class and not smile.  The Dance world is a more positive place with her in it!"                                                                

-Gregg Russell, tap teacher and dancer extraordinaire


"Meghan is a cool cat! She knows how to interact with students of all ages to make them feel comfortable in all genres of dance. She is perfect at challenging students to push to that next level. Meghan's outlook on life is positive, which reflects in the atmosphere she trains her students in. She keeps you motivated to work hard by challenging you with new techniques in a positive environment. "   

-Cory Jones, owner of VELOCITY dance convention


" Meghan is an extraordinary young woman, who has power and beauty as a dancer, the ability to create when you need her too, and the magic of pure soul that doesn't let you take your eyes off of her when she is dancing.  It was an absolute joy to work with her, I learned the beauty of her faith and how it took her to places where fear was not a player.  I adore her.."                                                                                    

-Joann Jansen, LA based choreographer


" During my Career in the past 18 years, I've come across many choreographers/teachers around the world... and also around the US... and not many of them left an impact on me as the way that Meghan Way Stinson did. Her teaching methods, how she approaches the students in such a special way- on their level and inspiring them- her knowledge in the field , and the way the students look up to her.  All of those inspired me as a teacher and I hope I will have the privilege to work with her many more times in the future "                                                                                        

-Kobi Rozenfeld, choreographer for Beyoncé